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Sewer Damage

Causes of sewer damage

Sewer Damage

There are many reasons why your sewer system could be damaged. The reality is that wastewater problems are the worst to deal with. In fact, they can be incredibly expensive and not easy to manage. As a result, understanding how to prevent sewer problems and understanding what could be bad for your sewage systems can be incredibly helpful in avoiding future problems and headaches. Here are some of the main causes of sewer damage and what you need to know about them.

1. Tree Roots and sewer damage

Annoying tree roots could cause problems with your home’s sewers. In fact, the fertilizer found in sewage, it attracts tree roots, which is why they tend to cause problems as they grow into the sewer system. Don’t have your own trees in the yard? It could be a neighbour’s tree roots that end up wreaking havoc in your sewer system.

2. Clogged drains

Internally, clogged drains are a problem when it comes to the sewer system. In fact, things like toilet paper, cooking grease, or products like eggshells could end up causing damage to your sewer system and costing you a long-term fortune. Be careful of what you throw down the drains, as it may come back and leave you with a real mess to clean up.

3. Potential rodents

Another problem that could wreak havoc on your sewage system would be rodents. In fact, rodents typically loosen the joints of a sewer system, leaving it less secure and unable to function properly.

4. Regular wear

Unfortunately, sewage systems will experience considerable wear over the years. In fact, after many years of regular use, your sewer system is likely to show significant signs of wear, leading to some damage. Consequently, it is important to take care of your sewage system and make sure it is functioning effectively year after year. That way, you won’t be surprised when your sewer system may need to be replaced after too many years of severe wear and tear. Being aware of the proper maintenance of the sewer system is the key to a long life of the sewer system.

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